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Zinnia Nomura graduated from the Hamburg Ballet School in 2014 and was subsequently engaged at Theater Krefeld (2014-2016) and Oper Leipzig (2016-2018). She completed her circus training at the Carampa School in Madrid and in independent courses at Stockholm University/SKH. Since 2020 she has mainly dedicated herself to her own creations. Her interactive dance piece Machine (un)learning was supported by the Max Himmelheber Foundation, the National Gallery Amman and Dis-Tanz Solo. She created the piece SLOTH (a very slow circus show) with Florian Bögner and 404, an interdisciplinary generative artwork with 4 multimedia and movement artists in Berlin, with the support of the German Cultural Commission. Since 2022 she has been working on a circus solo piece, betweenness, which explores the themes of identity, othering and pressure through social media and was supported by Fonds DaKu, Miramiro (Gent/BE) and Cirklabo (Leuven/BE). In 2024 she was selected for the Tiny Residency Program of NRW/Germany, where she will research with movement, sound and waste materials. In 2019, she earned her BA in Sustainability and Development at Arizona State University. As a cultural producer, she has worked with various dance companies and political education organizations, such as Solar e.V. and Restlos Glücklich e.V., as well as the Zeit für Zirkus Festival 2023 as an inclusivity manager. In 2023 and in 2025 she acts as director of the Berlin Aerial Arts Festival, aiming to raise the profile of contemporary circus and increasee diversity within the field.

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