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Aerial and physical theatre performance



It's a circus show like none you have seen before:
Slower, softer, fluffier!
In our research process we dived deep into the world of sloths. How do they move? Where do they live? What do they eat? How do they resist the pressures of capitalistic society?
In this work in progress showing we offer an aerial perspective (pun intended) into the life of the sloths. Drawing on techniques from butoh, filmmaking and physical theatre, this aerial theatre will take you on a journey into the cuddly and relaxed world of the three-toed sloth. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about this fascinating creature of the jungle. Rather than following tropes of acrobatic virtuosity we wanted to know-- how slow can you go?

Concept and performance by Zinnia Nomura and Florian Bögner.

This project has been made possible by #takeheart Prozessförderung, financed by Fonds Darstellende Künste and the German Federal Commissioner for Arts and Media

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